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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Haditha: The Mai Lai of Iraq

by Sarah Meyer
Index Research

In spite of all the evidence in The Haditha Doctor and the Media Dissemblers " about media who accept money from foundations to perpetrate their cover-ups, the “right wing” media is still trying to twist the Haditha facts.

The Reuters Connection to Haditha (25.12.06. Robin Boyd, Newsbusters) Newsbusters is connected with the Media Research Center - the conservative media watchdog group. Mr. Baker is the Vice President of the Media Research Center. According to Source Watch, The Media Research Center is funded by the same rich foundations mentioned in The Haditha Doctor and Media Dissemblers, ie: the Sarah Scaife Foundation, John M. Olin Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation, The Lynne and Harry Bradley Foundation.

Mr. Baker’s article refers to yet another disinformation-disgrace on Euphoric Reality. (22.12.06, Heidi, Euphoric Reality) The website biography is a bit confusing. Euphoric Reality is made up of two women - Kit Jarrell and her co-writer, Heidi (aka ‘Redhead Infidel’) – ex army, and host of The Front Line, an internet radio show.

Are they hired by the Pentagon?

NB. A reply, listed as being from "Redhead Infidel - heidi" arrived a few hours after publishing this blog. "Heidi" said, "No, but you're close.  In fact, I was recruited by the CIA, though Halliburton cuts my paychecks."

27.12.06. An article reply from Chicken Hawk Express:
"Boy the conspiracy nutcases know no bounds. Now thanks to my post on my blog at Newsbusters about the Reuters connection to Haditha, some left wing kookis asking if I'm employed by the Pentagon. She also implies that I get paid through some of these hoity-toity conservative foundations since I blog at Newsbusters... (cont.)

Can of worms?

Sarah Meyer is a researcher living in the UK.
The url to Haditha: The Mai Lai of Iraq is:

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