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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brian Haw: Our Man in London

Brian Haw

The war protestor, Brian Haw has lived at Parliament Sq, opposite the Houses of Parliament, since 2 June 2001.

A copy of his work is now on exhibit at the Tate Gallery.

Haw was shown in the recent film, The Trial of Tony Blair.

Brian Haw is also one of the elects for the Person of the Year on Channel 4. Odds he wins.

Yesterday, Haw won his battle against police.


Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

The ‘War on Terror’ security laws were not so kind to Allen Jasson, 55, an IT specialist living in London. He is staying with his daughter in Melbourne after he was refused entry to the flight to London at Melbourne Airport on Friday because of his T shirt.


One must not be fooled by the successes of Brian Haw. Britain is rapidly becoming a Police State. This process has been superbly documented and discussed by Henry Porter. The Observer wrote in April ‘06 : “Over the past few months Henry Porter has written a series of articles in The Observer criticising what he sees as a sustained government assault on fundamental freedoms. He attacked a range of measures, including legislation on identity cards, new police powers and anti-terror laws. Porter's critique has generated a huge response from the public - and now from the Prime Minister. Here, in this extraordinary email exchange, Tony Blair rejects the criticism - and announces plans to go further.” In spite of this conversation with PM Blair, Porter has continued to write about our government which does its best to mimic the US disregard for ‘democracy and freedom.’ I highly recommend
googling Henry Porter to find the rest of his articles on “further”. Porter is a man with much courage and integrity – both qualities not much in evidence these days. More like Porter and Haw, please?

AND. A breath of sanity has arrived today with the snow:
'There is no war on terror'
24.01.07. C. Dyer, Guardian. "The director of public prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald, put himself at odds with the home secretary and Downing Street last night by denying that Britain is caught up in a "war on terror" and calling for a "culture of legislative restraint" in passing laws to deal with terrorism. Sir Ken warned of the pernicious risk that a "fear-driven and inappropriate" response to the threat could lead Britain to abandon respect for fair trials and the due process of law."


Tony Blair releases new peace song. You tube video, .51 sec.

And do read A Message from Tony up on Stop the War website (19.02.07).

Brians website is here.


Brian Haw: 'It is strange that they are spending so much money prosecuting me'
07.08.07. K. Sengupta, Independent. As the Camp for Climate Action began planning in earnest for next week's protest at Heathrow, one veteran protester against the Iraq war was also enjoying a moment of vindication. / The High Court ruled that restrictions imposed by police on Parliament Square anti-war protester Brian Haw, as he continues his peace camp demonstration were unlawful "by reason of lack of clarity".


Sarah Meyer is a researcher living in the UK.

The url to Brian Haw: Our Man in London is:

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