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Friday, December 08, 2006

Tony Two-Face

by Sarah Meyer
Index Research

Blair and Olmert. photo BBC

Lindsey Hilsum regurgitated the British government / Media Myth about Tony Blair and the Middle East problem last night on Channel 4 News.

"The Prime Minister has always said that the Middle East issue between the Palestinians and the Israelis is absolutely crucial and central and that you will not get away from the the anger of arabs and muslims across the world against the West until you have done that."

Funny way of supporting and furthering the ‘peace process’ – first by supporting Israel in its war against Lebanon, and now supporting the Israeli war crimes in Beit Hanoun.

Bush and Blair Administrations Back Up Israeli Terrorist Offensive Against Beit Hanoon
04.12.06. US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack put the blame for the offensive on Palestinian fighters and said Israel was defending itself. … On its part, the British foreign ministry stated yesterday that Israel has the right to defend itself but any military act should go with the international human rights. The ministry further called the Palestinians to stop firing missiles at Israeli areas adding that violence hinders peace efforts in the region.

Meanwhile, words also continue to mean the opposite of their definition in the Oxford English Dictionary. A Truce is defined as “truth or fidelity to a promise.” Truth is not, and never has been, on “Trust-Me” Tony’s menu. Nor does their Monkey Media have the least regard for truth.

What is the definition of truce from a Palestinian point of view? See Video. Israeli Truce Means: More Houses & Agricultural Structures Demolished!

Tony’s two-faced-way to find the “right way forward” is not the solution. Desert Peace writes that Olmert also has a forked tongue.

How nice it will be when this snake pit of liars who are ‘in denial’ and who call themselves our ‘elected’ world leaders have left our lives? Can’t happen soon enough.

UPDATE: Also complicit in spreading Tony Two-Face myth are:
VOA News - Blair: Addressing Mideast Conflict...
VOA. 10.12.06.

Sarah Meyer is retired and now a researcher living in England

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