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Friday, April 25, 2008

Rodmell, Sussex: Photos in Spring 2008

by Sarah Meyer
Index Research

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"It was an uncertain spring. The weather, perpetually changing, sent clouds of blue and purple flying over the land". Virginia Woolf, The Years.



Spring in Rodmell: What will the weather be like today?
© sarah meyer

Rodmell morning mist
© sarah meyer

Malcolm Aiken's Tulips on The Street.
© sarah meyer

Malcolm bringing purple-sprouting broccoli from his garden
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Bay Tree and daffodils
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Bay Tree in Snow
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: daffodil in snow
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Tulips in Snow under rose trellis
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Red Tulip in snow
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: footprints in snow
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: snow on Downs
© sarah meyer

Rodmell churchyard
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Path to church and school
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: St. Peter's church (c. 12th century) in spring
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Storm Brewing
© sarah meyer

Rodmell Rainbows
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Village Garden House
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: *** Gardener, Greg Williams with Nana
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: rape fields and South Downs
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: beech trees and South Downs
© sarah meyer

Roemell: April storm II
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: April storm II
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Mary Goodson's thatched house
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Monks House on The Street
© Sarah Meyer

Rodmell: Virginia Woolf's writing studio

Rodmell: Tulips at Monk's House
© sarah meyer

Rodmell: Martin Ryle: Sunday at allotments
© sarah meyer

Rodmell allotments in spring
© sarah meyer


Sarah Meyer is a researcher living in the UK.

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