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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Index Research: US – Israel Missile Defense Cooperation

by Sarah Meyer
Index Research

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Updated 21.05.09.

"Pictures of an American anti-missile radar installed in southern Israel were released earlier this week, depicting a recently completed military base, which will house the first permanent U.S. force to be deployed on Israeli soil. Construction of the base was completed in the last few days at Mount Keren near the Ketziot prison in the Negev." Haaretz (12.11.08)

Were the numerous 'missile shield' stories on 12 November 2008 designed to impress (the first half-white President-elect) Obama and his AIPAC war hawk team with the need for a continuation of an obscenely expensive NATO Missile Defense programme? Could the US financial crisis be helped by lessening the absurd amounts of money given to Israel for its defense?

U.S. Installs Missile Defense Radar in Israel
12.11.08. nti. The United States has completed installation of a missile defense radar station in Israel that will be operated by the first permanent deployment of U.S. troops in the nation, Haaretz reported yesterday. The detachment would consist of about 120 personnel working under the U.S. European Command. / Israel is particularly concerned about Irans missile capabilities. / In addition to the radar, the United States has agreed to rapidly provide missile launch detection data collected from U.S. satellites, according to Defense News. / Since they threw in [the launch warnings], it's become a whole new ball game. We're looking at a very generous gift from the United States, even if it means we have to compromise on sovereignty by having U.S. troops deployed here, the expert said. / The radar is the same model as the system the United States erected in Japan in 2006.

Raytheon Gets $54 Million for Multiple Kill Vehicle
12.11.08. nti. Defense contractor Raytheon has received a $54 million contract from the U.S. Missile Defense Agency for ongoing work on a weapon that would use one interceptor to destroy multiple enemy warheads.

US missile chief to Obama: anti-missile system 'is workable'
12.11.08. AFP. The anti-missile defense system -- which preliminary tests have shown is capable of shooting down ballistic missiles -- "is workable," Obering, who heads the Missile Defense Agency, told reporters by teleconference.

And the influence of AIPAC? An earlier AIPAC document (21.12.06) states that The close partnership between the United States and Israel has yielded leading military technologies such as the Arrow, a missile defense system that is currently deployed in Israel. Jointly developed by the two allies, the Arrow is among the worlds most sophisticated missile shields. It is the only operational system that has consistently proven that one missile can shoot down another at high altitudes and speeds. The joint partnership on this program, which grew from the experiences during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, has brought significant benefits to America as well, which has incorporated many of the technologies into other U.S. missile defense programs. It is thus not likely that the AIPAC Pit Bulls will allow Obama to dump the missile shield defense programme.

Meanwhile, the US denounces the Iranian missile shield test:

Iran Tests New, More Accurate Missile (12.11.08. nti) see also here.

The US denounces missile test. See also Bush ruined prospect of Iran-US talks.

The disagreement with Russia over the "NATO" missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland continues:

Russia rejects U.S. missile proposals
12.11.08. Reuters. Then: Italy offers mediation in Russia/US missiles spat (12.11.08. AP)

Other Missile Proliferation = more starvation:
India Tests Ballistic Missile (12.11.08. nti)

North Korea Developing Missile Site, South Says (12.11.08. nti)

Obama would do well to listen to the Pentagons Defense Business Board report (10.11.08), which contends that the nation's recent financial crisis makes it imperative that the Pentagon and Congress slash some of the nation's most costly and troubled weapons to ensure they can finance the military's most pressing priorities. The report says that Raytheon, Massachusetts' largest employer, is involved in numerous weapons programs from ships to missile defenses (see above contract) and satellites.


Israel carries out missile test - Defence Ministry
07.04.09. the star / ICH. Israel carried out a test launch of its Arrow II interceptor missile on Tuesday, the Defence Ministry said, a system designed to defend against possible ballistic missile attacks by Iran and Syria.

Sarah Meyer is an independent researcher living in the UK

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Who Is The President Elect - Obama or AIPAC? (10.11.08)

US-NATO 'Missile Shield' Programme: Index Timeline Part II (continuously updated)

Obama's Chance to End the Fantasy That Is Star Wars
13.11.08. Johann Hari, Independent / Common Dreams. This is the tale of how a man with Alzheimer's Disease came up with a physically impossible fantasy based on a B-movie he once starred in and how the US spent $160bn trying to make it come true. These billions succeeded only in making some defence companies very rich, and making Russia point its nukes at Poland and the UK once more. And if Obama doesn't decide to close this long-running farce now, it will make one more contribution to world history: the number of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the world will dramatically increase. [ODDS OBAMA will not "Close this long-running farce!]


The Coming Middle East Missile War
19.11.08. Weekly Standard. Russia's plan for the new Iskander theater ballistic missile doesn't stop with their proposed Kaliningrad deployment. Aviation Week reports that once domestic requirements are met, Russia may export the weapon to Syria, India, and the UAE -- to start. Algeria, Belarus, Kuwait, and Vietnam have also expressed interest in the SCUD replacement, though Russia claims to be working on an "Echo" variant of the rocket for export that reduces the Iskander's range from 400km to appx. 280km. / What is interesting is the potential for another East v. West technological showdown in the Israeli-Syria theater. Israel is currently deploying a robust rocket and missile shield that is designed to knock out everything from short range Hezbollah rocket attacks all the way up to an Iranian Shahab-III ballistic missile laydown. That shield will include top-of-the-line American missile defense systems such as the Patriot PAC-3, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), and a highly-sensitive new x-band radar, as well as Israeli weapon systems like David's Sling and Iron Dome. ... / If nothing else, Ivan's callous proliferation of these heavy shooters should be enough to cast doubt on any existing plan to cut missile defense from the budget. [WHO, pray, STARTED the "callous proliferation?" ]

Israel''s missile shield will operate in 2010
10.04.09. unnindia. The Israeli missile shield set up to intercept missiles fired from Gaza, its called Iron Dome, is to start operation in the summer of 2010 and cover the parameters of Gaza Strip, Israeli defence sources informed today.

U.S. troops take part in ISRAEL X-Band radar test
13.04.09. Stars and Stripes. U.S. troops took part in a missile defense exercise in Israel last week that for the first time incorporated a U.S.-owned radar system deployed to the country in October. [Just the ticket to keep the Muslims happy? ] About 100 Europe-based troops continue to operate the X-Band radar, which is intended to give Israel early warning in the event of a missile launch from Iran.

Israel, US to hold largest-ever joint missile defense drill
14.04.09. Jerusalem Post. In the face of Iran's continued pursuit of nuclear capability, Israel and the United States will hold an unprecedented and massive exercise later this year to jointly test three different ballistic missile defense systems, The Jerusalem Post has learned. The exercise, called Juniper Cobra, will be held in Israel and will include the newly developed Arrow 2, as well as America's THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) and the ship-based Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System.

Joint missile defence exercise “Juniper Cobra” to be held soon
15.03.09. def pro. Israel and the United States will hold their largest-ever joint missile defence drills later this year, testing three anti-ballistic missile systems, The Jerusalem Post reported yesterday. The “Juniper Cobra” exercise will be held for the fifth time, however this year’s drill is likely to be the most complex yet and will for the first time include the launch of interceptors.

U.S. to continue funding Israel anti-missile system
21.05.09. Haaretz / ICH. Israeli defense officials have recently been concerned that cuts in the U.S. defense budget, along with Pentagon unwillingness to fund a project that does not employ American workers, could harm the future of the Arrow.

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