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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The CIA’S 'secret' prisons in Afghanistan

Sarah Meyer, Index Research

It would appear that people (“terror suspects”) have been taken to the US base in Constanza, Romania, already documented as an expanding US base. In May, 2003, 5,000 U.S. marines were based at Constanza.
Here are a few documents that also refer to Constanza. (A web search would reveal further docs),,930323,00.html

Now there are reports that Afghanistan is one of the CIA “secret destinations” for ‘terror suspects’.

The Century Foundation's Afghanistan Watch
has an article, "Afghanistan Not Aware of Reported Secret CIA Jails.

The US bases in Afghanistan where people are (allegedly) tortured
has already been reported, and so are not seen as ‘secret.’

I have kept a close watch on reports about Afghanistan since the beginning of the US bombing, with source documents as well as relevant media reports.

In section 6, US Bases in Afghanistan, I discussed the 3 existing military bases, including the 7 that were planned and/or under construction at the time of publication (June 2005).

In section 7, I list “Human Rights Abuse.” There are
1) US and Human Rights source documents, and
2) media reports.

The US bases in Afghanistan with detention and alleged/reported torture facilities are:

  • Bagram. Main airbase. Detention facilities.

  • Camp Rhino, near Khandahar. Torture is alleged/reported at this base.

  • Gereshk area, Helmand. It is alleged/reported that torture happens at this base. (The Guardian reported that UK forces will be based in Helmand in 2006)

  • Khost, NE of Kabul. Torture is alleged to have taken place here.

  • Gardez, Paktia. Torture is alleged/reported at this base.

For a recent flurry of military construction in Afghanistan, see here

It is a disgrace that

  1. the US is transporting people to US bases abroad in order to avoid conditions in the Geneva Convention and

  2. the countries in which these bases are built permit ‘Transport For Torture’ in the first place.

The public should be allowed to see all documents pertaining to US base agreements. If plans for torture were omitted from these agreements, then all governments should make sure that torture limits are retrospectively imposed on the United States and made illegal in the future.

Sarah Meyer is a researcher living in Sussex, England.
See her blog,
Her email address is:

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