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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


by Sarah Meyer
Index Research

Here's what they did to baby Waad in her tenth day, while she was in her
mother's arms. (Photo. As Safir)

Danny Schechter at Media Channel sent me the following notice:

Israel Solidarity Mission

Tuesday August 22nd Saturday August 26th

(after Shabbat)

4 days (3 nights at hotel)

A Unique Way to Show Our Solidarity with the People of Israel

Not only solidarity but much more:

  • Touring the embattled North of Israel and personally sharing our friendship with families there who have lived through the terror of Katyusha rockets falling on their homes;
  • Visiting an air force base where we will thank the brave pilots who are defending Israel and see, up close, the advanced F-16-I jets they fly;
  • Receiving a briefing from the Brigade Commander and his troops defending against Hamas terrorism in Gaza;
  • Meeting with top officials of Israel’s government to hear what lies ahead and to learn how we can help.

Total Cost: $1000 plus airfare for this unique mission

To sign up for this mission or for more information, please email:


  • Depart Tuesday, August 22nd from Los Angeles and New York and
  • Arrive Wednesday, August 23rd at Ben Gurion Airport. (afternoon meetings and overnight in Israel)
  • Thursday, August 24th all day and overnight in Israel
  • Friday, August 25th all day and overnight in Israel
  • Saturday, August 26th Shabbat in Israel depart for return to U.S. after Shabbat concludes

Special Diplomatic Mission Extension:

Members of the American Jewish Congress Board of Trustees are invited for an additional series of informal Shabbatdiscussions (sic) with Israeli diplomatic and intelligence experts about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, with special emphasis on the Muslim Brotherhood and its Jordanian form, the Islamic Action Front.

Following the discussions on Shabbat, the Trustees will travel on Sunday to Jordan where we have been invited for an audience with King Abdullah and for meetings with top Jordanian officials to discuss cooperation to rein in the forces of extremism in the region. Upon return to Israel from Jordan, the Trustees will brief top officials of the Foreign Ministry about our Mission to Jordan, and depart Sunday evening for return to the U.S.

*For information about requirements for joining the American Jewish Congress Board of Trustees, please contact Neil B. Goldstein, Executive Director, at:


Reply to S. Samuels

Dear S. Samuels,

Why are you not also visiting Lebanon and Gaza where war crimes have been and are being perpetrated against the civilian population? Ambulances are bombed, and they can't go on roads because they don't have permission from the Israeli's ... medicines not available, children killed ...

Good idea to inform yourselves of what is really happening?
Such as the Israeli air force using US cluster and phosphorus bombs on the civilians of Lebanon and Palestine. Why don't you ask the pilots about this? Even take tourist photos of them?

What about the Israeli terrorism perpetrated on the Palestinians? Will you please ask the Brigade Commander about this?

Thank you,
S. Meyer


The Geneva Conventions

Protocol I, Article 85, Section 3 of the Geneva Convention: "An indiscriminate attack affecting the civilian population or civilian objects and resulting in excessive loss of life, injury to civilians or damage to civilian objects is a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions."

The url to Index on Israeli ‘Mission’ To Support War Crimes is:


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