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Sunday, August 19, 2007

US $30bn "Aid" to Israel

by Sarah Meyer
Index Research

Did anyone notice an interesting series of events between the US and Israel recently? Is this a coincidence? Is there a relationship between these stories?

On 1 August, Conoco Condi visited Israel.

Israel: Missile shield before West Bank pullout
08.08.07. NBC. Barak says Israel must have a missile defense system in place to protect it from Palestinian rocket fire before it could carry out a large scale pullback in the West Bank, an official said Wednesday.

US and Israel in $30bn arms deal
16.08.07. BBC. Olmert has said the aid will preserve his country's military advantage over other countries in the Middle East. The new military aid package represents a 25% increase from present levels.

Haaretz writes there are U.S.: No strings attached to new defense package for Israel (17.08.07.)

Pull the other one?


Barak: Israel needs missile shield
28.08.07. AP - Guardian. Israel won't be able to carry out a major West Bank pullback for 2 years because it first needs a missile defense system in place to protect it against Palestinian rocket fire, Defense Minister Ehud Barak told a parliamentary committee Monday.

Related: US-NATO 'Missile Shield' Programme: Index Timeline Update
S. Meyer, Index Research. continually updated.

Biased reporting
Palestinians whine about Israel’s missile shield
02.09.07. themidnightsun. Israel has decided to erect a missile shield. It’s about time and who would blame her for defending herself?


Sarah Meyer is a researcher living in the UK

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