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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In memory

Dear friends of Sarah Meyer,

Sarah had many passions. One was tennis. Once a year, mum would spend the morning gardening in her beautiful garden at Summer Cottage and the afternoon glued to her TV. Wimbledon's men's final day was one of her annual rituals for years. My sister Heather and I spent a lot of time discussing how to pay tribute to mum - she requested no formal service or memorial event ("not my style"). We have decided to replay her annual ritual one last time in her cottage in Rodmell, before the house goes on the market. Please drop by anytime on the afternoon of July 4th to enjoy mum's garden, have a glass of Pimms, watch a set or two of tennis, and tell some stories.

RSVP. to jonmeyer at gmail

Heather & Jonathan Meyer

July 4, from 1pm - 7pm
Summer Cottage
Rodmell, Lewes
East Sussex, BN7 3HF
tel 01273 472 109

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